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Bottom row, L-R
Middle row, L-R
Top row, L-R

Jesse Gibbons and son Bill Gibbons dancing

Pat Gibbons (R) with sister Joan

L-R: Bill Gibbons, Steve Gibbons, Gayle Gibbons, Frances Gibbons

Bill Gibbons with son Rob Gibbons

Bill Gibbons with daughter Frances Meier-Gibbons

Left to right: Bill Gibbons, Jesse Gibbons, Jack Gibbons

Bottom row, L-R:  Justin Gibbons, Ashley Gibbons, Alex Meier-Gibbons, Gayle Gibbons Madeira
Top row, L-R:  Bill Gibbons, Linsay Walsh, Pat Gibbons, Holly Gibbons, Steve Gibbons, Erwin Meier, Stephanie Meier-Gibbons, Frances Gibbons


Joan Klaus on the left (Pat's sister) and Pat Gibbons

Betsy Gibbons and Jack Gibbons

The three siblings: Bill Gibbons, Betsy Gibbons and Jack Gibbons

Bottom row, L-R: Erwin Meier, Alex Meier-Gibbons, Frances Gibbons, Gayle Gibbons Madeira, Charley the dog, Stephanie Meier-Gibbons
Top Row, L-R: Holly Gibbons, Emma Gibbons, Steve Gibbons, Bill Gibbons, Pat Gibbons

Left to right: Peter Gibbons, Sharon Gibbons, Rob Gibbons (just behind), Ben Gibbons

Left to right: Frances Meier-Gibbons holding Emma Gibbons (Steve's daughter), Erwin Gibbons, Alex Meier-Gibbons, Stephanie Meier-Gibbons

Bottom row, L-R: Jack Gibbons, Mary Ann Gibbons, Dave Pryor, Jimmy Stevenson, Betsy Gibbons, ____, ____ Bill Gibbons, Pat Gibbons, Rob Gibbons (just behind)
Middle row, L-R: Holly Gibbons, Ceridwyn Gibbons, Gayle Gibbons Madeira
Top row, L-R: Ashley Gibbons, Ginny Gibbons, [which is which!!], ???, Brian Albers, [who is that blond boy?], Justin Gibbons, Sharon Gibbons (holding Ben?), Jesse Gibbons, Will Madeira, Peter Gibbons, [Holly's boy, which one?]

Pat's family with the Gibbons' at the beach
Left to right: Bill Gibbons, Ashley Gibbons, Bob Klaus, ??? Steve Gibbons, Gayle Gibbons Madeira, Justin Gibbons, Rob Gibbons, ???, Sharon Gibbons holding Ben Gibbons, Conor Klaus, Liz Klaus, ___, Peter Gibbons, Joan Klaus

Bill Gibbons (L) with Bob Klaus (Pat's brother-in-law)

Bill Gibbons happily working on his farm

Steve Gibbons working on the farm

Pat Gibbons on Christmas Eve [date?] with her nephew Conor behind

Pat and Bill Gibbons on one of their many trips to the beach in North Carolina

Frances Meier-Gibbons with the family at the beach in North Carolina

Bill Gibbons and Rob Gibbons in one of their many debates at the beach in North Carolina

Gayle Gibbons Madeira working on the cabin reconstruction